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“Supplici a Portopalo” (The Suppliant Women at Portopalo, Sicily”) is a theatrical story which, based on the Aeschylus’ tragedy, treats the ever present issue of refugees. The ancient play raises many of the current questions, reflecting on the stage the problem of the State and the attitude of the city community towards the asylum seekers.

The present events are only the initial phase of a greater project, that of making a TV theater show and a documentary film, made in collaboration between  l’Università IUAV di Venezia and l’Università degli Studi di Catania, with contribution of Regione Siciliana and support of the Presidency of the House of Commons.

The show, conceived and written by Monica Centanni, directed by Gabriele Vacis with Vicenzo Pirrotta in the main role, will take place on Saturday, September the 19th at 20.00 o’clock at Portopalo, while on Sunday, the 20th September, at 20.00 o’clock it will be Castello Maiace in Syracuse to host it.